About Us


The world turned upside down in 2020 but due to an unforeseen event, it sparked a vision of something that has been burning within us since birth. It was a pretty simple thought at first of being "Born to Roam". What does that even mean we asked ourselves over and over again? Through those difficult times, those talks turned into the Orange Bison Company with our tagline being Born to Roam. The orange was easy due to our love for Oklahoma sunsets and it was pretty much the same with the history of bison in our great State. The hard part was truly finding a way to explain the importance of being Born to Roam in a world that continues to find more and more ways to keep us inside. Being Born to Roam is much more than just a tagline to us. It is a lifestyle and something we are trying to instill in our children at a young age. It is that unmatched feeling of being outdoors, seeking adventure, and truly getting lost and away from it all. 


Orange Bison Company started as a simple idea and passion to help open minds to the idea that we are all "BORN TO ROAM"! Our home base in the college town of Stillwater, OK, offers endless opportunities far and wide for outdoor adventure.